Nonprofit Westchester (NPW) provides the nonprofit sector with a single unified voice for the role it plays in the economic vitality and sustainability of the county, focusing on sharing resources, connections, and information to strengthen Westchester in partnership with the for-profit and government sectors. The organization was launched in 2012 and represents more than 180 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the county under a cooperative mission to strengthen the impact, capacity and visibility of the nonprofit sector for a more just and caring community.

Why NPW?

A thriving community doesn’t just appear – it is something we build. And like any structure, it requires materials and a team to build it. Nonprofits in our community provide many of these materials and employ 54,000 employees that form this team. We provide the bricks and mortar of wellbeing throughout life. In childhood, nonprofits provide quality and affordable childcare, push for high-quality education for all children, foster a lifetime love of music through instrument lessons, and offer programs that support healthy adolescent development. In adulthood, nonprofits help people recover from drug addiction, provide laid-off workers job training and search assistance, and offer literacy programs for adults who cannot read. In older adulthood, nonprofits provide enriching music and theater performances, set up tutoring or mentoring programs so they can share their lifetime of experience while remaining engaged in their community, and provide meals and home repair services to those who can’t leave their homes.

While the nonprofit sector has grown over recent years, it faces many challenges. Reduced reimbursement rates along with delayed execution and payment on government contracts, increased regulatory requirements, perception issues, capacity and fragmentation within the sector are limiting our effectiveness.

How NPW Makes A Difference

We advocate for policies and funding that support the nonprofit sector's ability to create a thriving community. While most of our advocacy is done on the county level, we monitor state and federal activity and take action in partnership with other organizations when appropriate. We also conduct a voter engagement campaign and provide access to elected officials from all levels at a variety of forums and meetings.
We facilitate media coverage that provides an accurate representation of the nonprofit sector. This includes both press releases and opinion pieces.
Capacity Building
NPW provides training and networking opportunities to our members in an effort to build skills and foster collaborative partnerships. Our Affinity Groups are quarterly small group meetings that focus on particular subject areas such as marketing, finance, CEO/Executive Director, human resources, and small & mighty organizations. We also offer trainings for members on relevant topics, including a recent series of seminars in partnership with Westchester Community College.

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