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2018 Budget Advocacy

NPW is joining our colleagues in the #Keep Westchester Thriving Alliance in calling for a modest 5% Increase for all county-funded nonprofit contracts.

After many seven years of flat or reduced funding despite ever increasing costs of doing business, nonprofits are struggling to make ends meet.  This modest increase will help nonprofits keep Westchester thriving. 

NPW also calls on county leaders to explore all potential revenue sources, including moderate increases in the property and sales tax, as part of a diversified revenue plan that is sustainable for our county, and ensures that we have a sound financial structure in place to keep Westchester thriving. 

Read our full budget statement here.

About The County Budget

A thriving community doesn’t just appear – it is something we build. And like any structure, it requires materials and a team to build it. Nonprofits in our community provide many of these materials and team members. We provide the bricks and mortar of well being throughout life.

The county budget is a blueprint to support the well being of every person in Westchester, ensuring that everyone can reach their potential and fully contribute to our community. 

NPW advocates for funding to help maximize potential, helping our county remain a vibrant place to live, work, and play.

Speak Up

Click links below to let us know if you're coming to the county budget hearings:

Hearings begin at 7pm, and you can sign up to speak at 6:15pm. 

Communications Toolkit

Tested messaging strategy from the Frameworks Institute. Includes a Quick Start Guide To Framing, Talking Points, and supporting research.

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