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Nonprofit State of the Sector Survey Findings January 2022

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With gratitude to our partners at Nonprofit New York for developing the survey and analyzing the results. 

We plan to advocate for a NY State Nonprofit Relief Fund to address COVID related operational expenses through the American Rescue Plan Act based on these findings and because PPP and the ERTC have now expired. Some highlights from the findings:

  • On average responding nonprofits had close to $250,000 in unexpected expenses, and at the same time lost an even greater amount in revenue ($300,000); expenses grew even more in 2021, but that was slightly offset by reduced revenue losses, likely due to government economic relief programs like PPP and ERTC
  • However almost half of respondents have not recovered financially, and expressed concern that by 2023 all economic relief programs will have expired
  • Respondents reported that lack of revenue and change in program demand in 2020 meant they had to lay off/furlough staff, with 43% reporting they have not recovered to pre-pandemic staffing levels
  • More recently, some respondents mentioned that they have been having issues hiring entry level staff and keeping current staff because they cannot pay competitive wages
  • 91% of respondents applied for and received a PPP loan
  • 86% of respondents listed livable wages for staff as a policy priority, and 59% listed healthcare for staff as a policy priority

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