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Nonprofit Westchester Strong: Honoring Our Agencies and Staff

The nonprofit sector has always been strong, innovative and nimble. Our organizations are contracted by government partners to most efficiently and effectively serve diverse people in need across the age-span. The business community and all residents rely on our expertise and services to care for their families and loved ones, to keep our communities healthy and safe and our economy thriving. 

Nonprofit workers are skilled, dedicated and compassionate individuals who take great pride in their work. Many have been the quiet giants on the frontlines, putting themselves at-risk, to provide child-care, operate homeless shelters, ensure that meals are delivered to people in need, to nurture and care for people with disabilities and so much more. Equally dedicated staff continue to provide services virtually – therapy to people with mental health concerns, victims of domestic violence, civil-legal services, programs for our young people and senior citizens. 

#NonprofitWestchesterStrong Spotlights:

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