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Social Issues and Nonprofit Solutions: Higher Education Crisis Nationwide - Latino U College Access Students Beat the Odds

Throughout the pandemic, and every day before, Westchester’s nonprofits have steadfastly offered innovative solutions to serious social problems, serving as a force to advance more just, healthy and economically vibrant communities for all people.  Our work continues. 

Latino U College Access (LUCA) transforms lives by making college dreams a reality for first-generation, Latino youth through individualized coaching and culturally relevant programming.

Nearly all of LUCA’s 222 Latino U Scholars in college (except for two) are still attending college this fall. 56% of them are residing on campus with virtual or hybrid classes, while the remaining Scholars are at home conducting virtual learning. The two Scholars who decided to take a leave of absence this semester both secured paid internships in the meantime.      

This is in stark contrast to national averages for low-income, first-generation, Latino students. A Strada Public Viewpoint survey released in June found that Black and Latino students are more likely than white students to have changed or canceled their education plans because of the pandemic. Half of Latino students and 42 percent of Black students reported having changed or canceled their plans, compared to 26 percent of white students. Additionally, a National Bureau of Economic Research study by researchers from Arizona State University found that first-generation college students are 50 percent more likely to have delayed graduation due to Covid-19 than students who have college-educated parents.

You can learn more about the current higher education crisis here:

LUCA guides students, who have demonstrated academic ability, through individualized coaching and culturally relevant programming as they navigate higher education to successfully enroll in schools that meet their financial and academic needs, enabling them to graduate on time and career ready. The LUCA team is committed to its students and families and has prepared to support them during these challenging times. Whether remote, hybrid, or in-person learning, LUCA has ensured that Scholars are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and supplies to be successful and safe this year. 

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