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3/30 - Federal Stimulus Package: Fact Sheets for Nonprofits and Tuesday, 3:30 pm Webinar

3/30 - People with Disabilities Amid COVID-19: Federal Stimulus, Resources for Employers, Employees, Individuals and Families

3/29 - Federal Coronavirus Relief Bills: What Do They Mean for Nonprofits? National Webinar: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

3/27 - Possible Funding Through FEMA - Webinars Monday

3/27 -  SBA Loans, Call Today at 2 PM, Federal and State Initiatives

3/26 - Working with WEstchester county: child care, supplies, contractual matters, mental health

3/25 - Stimulus Agreement between Senate and White House and other Key Information

3/24 - Join a Web Event on Friday 3/27 with SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza on COVID-19

3/23 - COVID-19 Resources from NYS Health Foundation, NYS PAUSE Law, My Sisters' Place Letters to Protect your staff & clients, Advocacy for Inclusion in Federal Stimulus 

3/23 - Now More than Ever – Taking the Census is Critical

3/21 - NY State Info: Essential Services, Priority Child Care, Designation as Essential Business 
3/20 - TAKE ACTION NOW: Nonprofits Must be Included in the COVID-19 Stimulus!
3/20 - Live Video Chat 3/20: Child Care, Food, and Other Vital Resources 

3/20 - Helpful Mental Health Tips from the JCK Foundation  
3/19 - The Latest New Information 

3/18 - United Way Provides Coronavirus Relief in up to $50,000 in Grants to Westchester Nonprofits - video, Online Application 
3/18NY Paid Sick Leave Law Amid Coronavirus
3/17 SBA Disaster Assistance Loans Information 

3/16 - NPW Advocacy Statement, Sample Advocacy Letter, United Way Impact Survey, Facts, CDC Guidance and Resource, Volunteer New York!'s Virtual Volunteer Center 


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