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2020 Public Policy Agenda: County & State


Nonprofit Westchester envisions a Thriving Westchester where all residents have access to the critical and enriching services that are offered by our nonprofit members including legal services, after school programs, child care, juvenile and criminal justice programs, health and the arts.  The issues highlighted in this summary effect all our county at large, people and families served by nonprofits, our county’s children and youth, people with disabilities, older adults and people living in low income communities.

Nonprofit Westchester strives to sustain and increase the capacity of the nonprofit sector, which is uniquely positioned to deliver impactful services integral to a vibrant and sustainable economy in Westchester County.   Nonprofit Westchester proudly supports the ability of the nonprofit workforce, the largest sector of the county economy, to live, work, learn and recreate, contributing to a healthier Westchester for all.    

Process Goals

1.   Inclusion of our expertise in policy development and resource allocation through a formalized year-round process with county departments and agencies with a focus on data and trend analysis. 

2.   Implementation of a fair contracting process that includes prompt notification of awarded funds, execution of contracts and payments, advanced payment provision; payment of interest incurred by agencies subjected to line of credit and/or other interest-bearing expenses based on delayed contracting and payment.

3.    Allow for funding consideration based on the full cost of service provision, eliminating restrictions on based on administrative and overhead costs and the provision of regular cost of living increases.
4.     NPW seeks to advance Race Equity, Diversity and Inclusion throughout all of its work by identifying and promoting legislation and methods to remedy long-standing inequities.

    Focal Issues

    1.   Affordable Housing: NPW seeks to use the expertise of its membership to address affordable housing and to respond to the County’s draft housing study and potentially partner with the County in the implementation of the study’s recommendations.
    2.   Immigrant Communities:  NPW seeks to ensure the safety of immigrant communities with additional resources and by exploring how more municipalities might adopt and follow the provisions of the Immigrant Protection Act.
    3.   Suicide Prevention: NPW seeks to increase suicide prevention efforts to aggressively address the suicide epidemic.
    4.   Environment:  NPW seeks to increase initiatives that promote sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint among Westchester residents.
    5.   2020 U.S. Census:  NPW will continue to actively support an accurate 2020 Census by facilitating nonprofits as trusted ambassadors.
    6.   Voter Engagement:  NPW will continue to support an engaged electorate through non-partisan voter registration and get out the vote efforts, with a focus on key partnerships to support historically under-represented populations, people with disabilities, youth and-first time voters.

      This is a fluid document and NPW will consider other issue areas throughout the year.

      NPW's 2020 New York State Legislative & Budget Priorities

      Nonprofit Westchester represents more than 180 nonprofit agencies and for-profit businesses that understand the critical role the non-profit sector plays in advancing the economic vibrancy of our county and fostering access, equity and opportunity for all Westchester residents.

      Advancement of the Nonprofit Sector

      In advocating for the advancement of the nonprofit sector in Westchester, Nonprofit Westchester stands with Strong Nonprofits for a Better New York, a Statewide Coalition of more than 350 nonprofit human services providers, in calling for increased State investment in the people and communities served by our agencies and in the sector’s workforce and infrastructure, and for adequate funding to support required program. Working under contract with the State, human services agencies provide crucial services to uplift New Yorkers from all walks of life. The State must ensure these organizations can continue their vital work.

      More info: Strong Nonprofits Priorities

      Contract Funding Increases

      We call on New York State to invest in a 3% increase in contracts and rates for the next 5 years. Human service nonprofits provide vital services; however, State funding has been slashed by 26% since 2008, resulting in rates lower than in 1980. The sector cannot continue to provide quality services without fair funding. Sixty percent (60%) of the nonprofit workforce qualifies for some form of public assistance. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of NY nonprofits anticipate not being able to meet the demands for services by their communities. We can do better for those providing vital services and for those receiving them.

      More info: 3 for 5 To Ensure Communities Thrive

      Capital/Infrastructure Funding

      We call on New York State to bring back the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment Fund (NICIP) with a recurring investment of $100 million and open eligibility to publicly owned spaces operated by nonprofits. This infrastructure investment would increase the quality of programs and allow nonprofits to operate as energy-efficiently as possible. A significant number of agency facilities are in disrepair and environmentally inefficient. There are few opportunities for nonprofits to secure capital funding for facilities that benefit the public. Capital campaigns and related activities divert limited financial resources as well as people-power away from essential operational and program revenue. It is critical that the State bring back NICIP so all residents have access to quality services and this includes quality, safe facilities.

      More info: Go Green FY '21

      Adequate Funding

      We call on New York State to adequately fund programs and services mandated NY State. Additionally, we call for the re-examination of nearly ten years of reforms designed to increase efficiencies and decrease costs within the Medicaid system rather than deferring a portion of chronically high costs to County governments.

      Nonprofit Westchester Member Organizations

      Nonprofit Westchester will work with member organizations in the upcoming year to support on-going advocacy for legislation that builds strong communities and productive and healthy individuals.

      • early childhood
      • children and youth development
      • healthcare
      • education
      • homelessness
      • affordable housing
      • workforce development
      • financial literacy
      • immigrant services
      • civil-legal services
      • older adults
      • people with disabilities
      • domestic violence and child abuse
      • arts and culture

      Please contact Jan Fisher, Executive Director at, 914-332-6679 (office) or 914-439-0203 (cell) for further information.

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