The Emotional Animal at The Clay Art Center

  • July 27, 2019
  • September 14, 2019
  • Clay Art Center - 40 Beech Street Port Chester, NY

In the Gallery: July 27 – September 14

The Emotional Animal is the third core exhibit in Clay Art Center’s year-long gallery focus, Animal Instinct, exploring the animal kingdom. This exhibit examines how animals are our bond to nature and are all around us — they are a part of our daily lives whether in our homes or in the wild. Animal inspirations abound in literature and in the visual arts and are often used anthropomorphically to reveal, reflect and elaborate upon our own human nature. From prehistory to the conceptual works of Damien Hirst’s sharks in tanks, artists have used animals as symbols and sources of inspiration and metaphor. This is a national juried exhibition, guest curated by California artist, Crystal Morey.

Crystal Morey states, “From the beginning of human expression we have found emotional connection and understanding in the world through the animals around us. We see this narrative from early cave painting to animation, primal hunting to genetic engineering, from fierce predators to domestic companions. This theme invites an exploration of the animal kingdom through the artistic voices of today, as an expression of instinct, contemplation, and emotion in our collective experience.”


Andrea Olmstead, Caroline Painter, Claudia Olds Goldie, Sara Torgison, Biata Roytburd, Lorren Lowrey, Deana Bada Maloney, Joy Brown, Brandon Lutterman, Raoul Pacheco, Jill Bell, Deborah Lecce, Tricia Zimic, Laura Marmash, Krista Grecco, Lauren Stanford, Kirin Kane, Chad Knapik, Shelsea Dodd, Darla Jackson, Travis Winters, Kurt Salinas, Jessica Sallay-Carrington, Elissa Armstrong, Tyler Quintin, Ariel Bowman, Arbelardo Pulido, Misty-Dawn Harder, Emily Albee

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