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ADO: Give Potential Donors Something To Hold On To

  • November 20, 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Sam's of Gedney Way, 52 Gedney Way, White Plains

When I see names on a donor wall, I wonder "Why did this couple or individual or foundation choose this institution and not another?" Perhaps the answer was in the case statement, a brochure that spoke to them in ways that others didn’t; that demonstrated how closely their interests were aligned with the organization or cause. Especially for major gifts, the case statement is that singular printed piece that potential donors can study at leisure—and proudly keep. It demonstrates—through words, pictures and diagrams—the information needed for them to understand the needs of the organization and the potential impact of their dollars. The presentation does not have to be big or fancy. But it has to be well produced and truly make the case, step-by-step, so that the motivation to donate becomes an imperative. In this workshop, we will learn how to make an effective case statement — and share our ideas with each other.

Participants can expect to learn how to:

Plan an effective presentation using “design thinking” methodology.

Write page headlines that, step-by-step, make the case for your organization.

Follow up each headline with short, effective text that tells the story: The importance of your organization; why you need the money now; what you will do with it; how their involvement will better the world; and how they can participate.

Chose the right visual to illustrate each aspect of the story.

Put in all together in a package that gets the donor to “yes.”

When and how to choose and work with a graphic designer, photographer, and/or illustrator—and what it should cost.

How to deliver the package.

How and when to follow up.

SPEAKER: Ellen Shapiro, Visual Language LLC

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