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Sample Advocacy LetterNPW Advocacy Statement: Corona Virus (word document)

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NPW Advocacy Statement: Coronavirus

Nonprofits Are on the Frontlines of the Coronavirus Response in Westchester and Are in Every Community Ready to Serve

Everywhere in Westchester, nonprofits are already in place serving vital local needs. Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, our employees are continuing to serve the most vulnerable and are being called on to feed, house, and care for people impacted directly by COVID-19. This makes nonprofit first-responders vulnerable to potentially harmful conditions. 

Nonprofits are our economy’s shock absorber when crisis hits, and the services and stability provided benefit all residents, regardless of age, race, religion and income level. Our innovation and expertise is needed now more than ever as we remain responsive to every-changing conditions.

When crisis strikes, demand and need for nonprofit services increase, yet funding often decreases. 

Advocacy Position

1.    Enact a targeted, temporary tax/giving incentive that enables all residents, regardless of whether they claim itemize deductions, to receive a tax incentive for giving to the work of charitable nonprofits responding to, or suffering from, the coronavirus.
2.    Provide needed funds to pay for the increased costs and demand for services arising because our economy and safety net was not built for a pandemic of this degree.
3.    Allow temporary changes to government funding and contractual protocols, including providing unrestricted funding and removing restrictions, suspending reporting requirements and maintaining funding levels, and advanced payments to address cash flow issues, nonprofit agencies can effectively deliver vital services during this crisis and in the future.
4.    Expand paid leave to 14 days for all nonprofit workers, including hourly workers, to ensure their health and safety, and so they can to care for their families.
5.    Provide further guidance and information on testing for COVID-19 and offer free testing for all Westchester residents who feel they have been exposed to the virus.

Nonprofits Are Significant Employers and Small Businesses

Nonprofit employers pay salaries, benefits and payroll taxes.  This core economic fact has to be recognized.  Many nonprofits are relatively small, are community based and serving local needs.

Advocacy Position

1.    Expressly apply any employment-focused relief or stimulus legislation  to employment at tax-exempt organizations by making tax credits and deductions applicable not just to income taxes, but to the taxes nonprofit pay, such as unrelated business income taxes and payroll taxes. 
2.    Expressly include nonprofits in tax and other relief targeted to small businesses.

Nonprofits Are Experiencing Declining Economic Activities

The community engagement and related services of many nonprofits that promote and serve a vibrant economy and jobs are declining.  We are experiencing cancelled arts, after school and educational programming, cancelled and postponed fundraising events where many nonprofits earn significant mission dollars through attendance and sponsorships, and diminished attendance at cultural, religious, and community events. All of these activities are essential to a healthy economy and deserving of stimulus.

Advocacy Position

1.      Recognize the nonprofit sector in any economic stimulus proposals aimed at helping adversely affected industries and geographic areas.  

NPW used this article as a resource

Let Us Know The Impact Of The Coronavirus On Your Organization And The People You Serve

Please use the resource provided by the United Way of Westchester and Putnam to let us know the impact of the coronavirus on your organization and the people you serve. NPW will be reviewing the feedback with United Way. Our efforts are collaborative and strategic to avoid duplication, to be most efficient and to best serve the nonprofit sector.

Please click this link to tell us about your needs


United Way of Westchester and Putnam

Center for Disease Control: Preventing COVID-19 Spread

Read specific guidance on how to prepare to take action in the following settings: homebusinesses and the workplacechild care and K-12colleges and universities,  healthcare settingslarge community events/mass gatheringsprevent the spread

About Coronavirus Disease, What You Need to Know, What to do If You Are Sick:

SummaryPrevention & treatment  What to do if you are sickSymptomsFrequently asked questionsRead More, Information and Fact Sheets

Westchester County Updates: Westchester County Webpage 

Sample Business Continuity Plan: Although targeted to New York City, this sample business continuity and disaster recovery plan will help an organization outline potential disasters an organization may confront and what to do in case of the disasters ranging from negligible impact to severely impaired. This resource is temporarily FREE to both Nonprofit New York members and non-members.

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